A downloadable game

Put the randomly generated tower into the 10X10 grid

The enemies start from up-left corner

end at down-right corner.
Stop the enemies to reach the end

A advance tower will be generated through eliminating triple or more towers 
The more towers eliminated, the tower is more powerful

The enemy will find the shortest route,depending on where you place the tower

There are six tower types

1.Laser Tower, which emits a laser, will damage the enemies

2.Force Field Tower,in its range, the enemy's speed will be slower

3.Canon Tower,when the shell hits the enemy, it will explode and harm the surrounding enemy

4.Gun Tower,the shot fired very quickly

5.Wild Tower,that can be paired with any tower to produce a more advanced tower

6.Clean Tower,can blow up unwanted towers and enemies

All towers have six grades except the wild tower and clean tower.

There are four enemy types.

1.Normal Enemy

2.Fast Enemy,fast speed

3.Fission Enemy,two small enemies will be split after death

4.Big Boss,so much blood

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